WAR COMmand Page
warcomp - WAR file that if deployed, will allow you to upload/download files and execute arbitrary commands on a JBoss server. See also sample screenshot.
Firefox Keylogger
Based completely on the Key-logger plugin v1.1 written by arrumi; what makes this version different is that all GUI items have been removed. The only way to access the captured keystrokes is by accessing the "extensions.integrator.logpref" key in "about:config". See our blog.
Since public DNS zone transfers are prohibited, you can use this tiny Java program to get the subdomains of a given domain by brute-force. See file's comments for more details. You may want to get the subs.list file to use in conjuction with DomainBF.
cPanel Brute Forcer
A simple Perl script to brute-force your favorite hosting provider's cPanel login page.
A simple, quick and messy Perl script to check your internal DNS server for consistency between your reverse and forward DNS entries.
A Java program to split a text file into smaller chunks.
A Java program to randomly shuffle the lines of a given file.
A Java program to generate telephone/fax/mobile numbers.
Perl script to generate extensions of a given string (it could be a password) based on a predefined set of characters. See code for more information.
Perl script to extract the username, firstname and lastname from a passwd file in column separated format
generate IPs
Perl script to generate IPs in the range x.y.0.0 - x.y.255.255
VBScript to download specific files from a URL and automatically execute any of those
Very simple VBScript to encode a file in BASE64
look for files
Bash script to look for system users' files that comply with specific criteria.
Live IP Address
Firefox plugin that displays your real IP address, and more (for versions up to 3.6.*). For more information see here
Go To Google
Firefox (for versions up to 3.6.*) plugin for Google's (SSL) fans. For more information see here